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What really matters when you are looking to choose a moving company? Experience, honesty, integrity … and of course “$ how much $“. Let’s take a step back and understand something … there are two primary types of moves … intrastate and interstate. We do both. Intrastate moves (moves within MA) are regulated by the Massachusetts DPU. Interstate moves are regulated by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Why is this important to you? The playing field for moving companies is pretty much a level playing field in terms of what we are allowed to charge. That means when you see a “come along” advertisement that says “Long Distance Moves from $499” – it’s just that – a “come along” – you are heading down a dangerous and potentially much more costly road than calling a reputable local or interstate mover. For local moving companies – again, if you see “lowest cost local movers” – you may not be dealing directly with a real moving company … you may be dealing with a lead generation service … and our experience has been that those companies do not tend to stand by their quotes. We do not hide fees, we do not upcharge, we let you know exactly what to expect including what we think might be a “worst case” scenario. So … what do we recommend?

Beyond Moving Company

We recommend getting at least two quotes. Of course we expect you will be happy with ours and want to hire us … but we welcome the opportunity to provide a quote and welcome our prospective clients to experience the difference in service and responsiveness we feel differentiate us from the rest. We’ve seen it time and again … “well, their quote is less than yours” – turns into a situation where the competition did not include all of the actual charges and fees in their quote. If you want a fair, comprehensive and honest quote, simply contact us!

Not all moving companies are the same!

Here’s a quick example of how we are truly different. We were contacted by a friend who “had a friend” in an emergency situation. This emergency situation was that they had been moved out of their home and all of their belongings were in the moving companies storage. The conditions in that warehouse were awful … dirty, hot, rodents … just awful. We happen to be aligned with one of the best storage facilities on the south shore and were contracted to move the belongings and to find a new storage facility. When all was said and done, not only were we saving the customer hundreds of dollars a month in a new climate controlled storage facility, our cost to move them was around $3,000 less than the other moving company had charged. How can this be? Frankly, they were taken advantage of and they only got one quote. Do yourselves a favor … either just use Beyond Moving, Inc. and be sure you are being treated fairly … or at least get two quotes!

We offer:

Local Moving – Both Residential Moving and Commercial Moving
Long Distance Moving – Both Residential and Commercial
Full packing service

With decades of experience in commercial, residential and long distance moving, Beyond Moving’s concierge-like moving coordinator model was developed. We’ve been there and seen it all. Moving is listed as one of the 3 most stressful events in your life. Our approach is to simplify the process by coordinating all of the “moving parts” – pun intended. Contact Us Today to schedule your move!

Beyond Moving, Inc. is operated out of Dighton MA and serves communities within 50 miles of our hub.